M. Glenn Baxter

Self-Published Author Not a New York Times Best Seller Because Parasites Cannot Handle The Truth Nor Make It into a Hollywood Movie.

Baxter has award winning experience (3 consecutive years finalist in New York Clios) in producing and directing videos for television and industrial videos for past clients.  All creative works produced are originals in videography for internet posting  on YouTube and . He never profits from advertising nor asks for Patreon support. A large part of alternative media is government supported and operates to make profit while creating more disinformation brainwashing for the RA cult. He expects all to discern his work and research the origin of the media as to corporation ownership. ​​Please click on any title on this page to watch video. Click back arrow on browser to return. Subscribe to channel and tap the bell. At least one new video will be produced weekly. Browse hundreds in video library and share to others. Thanks!